Frac Franche-Comté
Besançon (FR)

“Montag or the coming library”
Group show curated by Patrice Joly

Press Release

Montag or the library-in-the-making explores the links between literature and the visual arts, reflecting artists’ unflagging interest in the literary medium. It brings together some thirty works on the subject, either in the form of adaptations of famous texts via the visual arts (sculpture, videos, installation, design, etc.) in particular, or by directly reworking the textual matter, subjecting it to a host of transformations, new twists, recoups and other ‘affronts’. A final section is devoted more specifically to libraries, as well as to books, which are regularly the targets of censorship in repressive political regimes; in view of such violations book production has become stronger than ever among artists for whom literature remains an unrivalled field of experimentation and who are highly instrumental in its revival.