Thu-Van Tran


Art Forum

Review on “Where the Sea Remembers”
At The Mistake Room, Los Angeles, by Annabel Osberg


Interview with Cédric Aurel — October 2018

Art Absolument

Interview with Julie Dao Duy — September 2018 issue

Beaux-Arts Magazine

Interview by Emmanuel Lequeux — September 2018 issue

Journal Le Monde

Portrait by Emmanuel Lequeux — August 19th-20th 2018

Art Asia Pacific

Nominees announced for the 2018 Marcel Duchamp Prize
by Sophie Von Wunster — 5 March 2018

Le Quotidien de l’Art

Marcel Duchamp Prize, nominated artists : Clément Cogitore, Mohamed Bourouissa, Thu Van Tran and Marie Voignier
by Pedro Morais — 5 Feb 2018

by Emmanuelle Lequeux — November 4th 2017

Le Monde (FR)

by Emmanuelle Lequeux — October 27th 2017

Beaux Arts Magazine (FR)

by Emmanuelle Lequeux — October 2017 Special FIAC

Creators (US)

by Marina Garcia-Vasquez, Photo by Karim El Maktafi — August 21st 2017


by Jane Morris, Javier Pes — May 10th 2017

Le Quotidien de l’Art (FR) Photograph

by Philippe Régnier — May 11th 2017


by Yung Ma — 2017

Le Monde Magazine (FR)

by Roxana Azimi — 2017

El Païs (MEX)

by Maria Minero — 2016

LEAP (China)

by Jo-ey Tang — Issue 41 — Fall 2016

Codigo (MEX)

by Amanda de la Garza — Feb/Mar 2015

Libération (FR)

by Philippe Lançon — October 29th 2014

Beaux-Arts Magazine (FR)

by Emmanuelle Lequeux — October 2014

Le Quotidien de l’Art (FR)

by Cédric Aurelle — 2014

Connaisssance des Arts (FR)

by Damien Sausset — 2011

L’Art même (BE)

by Magali Nachtergael — 2011

Art Forum

by Lillian Davies — 2011